Salipenter snake (Spilotes p. pullatus)

Category: Reptiles -- Snakes

Scientific Name: Spilotes p. pullatus

Common Name: Salipenter snake

Salipenter snake





This brightly coloured long tailed slender snake ranges vertically through all levels of tropical forests. Variable in colour and pattern, individuals may be lemon yellow with blue-black stripes and blotches, or nearly solid black with a few yellow and orange markings.

An intimidating display of raised body loops, inflated throat area and rapidly thrashing tail is performed to ward off predators and other threats.

Rarely found far from water, they actively forage for both arboreal and terrestrial prey, including small mammals, birds, frogs, lizards and snakes. Rural livestock areas with a resident rodent population attract these snakes, which often find chicks and pullets an easier meal. Prey is killed by constriction.

Spilotes are oviparous with egg deposition and incubation procedures typical of Colubrids. Five sub-species are known. One of these, S.p. mexicanus, ranges as far north as Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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