Blue cheeked amazon (Amazona dufresniana dufresniana)

Category: Birds -- Psittacines

Scientific Name: Amazona dufresniana dufresniana

Common Name: Blue cheeked amazon

Blue cheeked amazon



Confined to the Guianas and to the Gran sabana in south-eastern Bolivar, Venezuela, central-eastern Brazil, and the interior forests of Guyana.


The blue cheeked amazon is fairly common in Surinam and is general seen in small flocks in the treetops. In Guyana it is restricted to the cooler elevated forests of the interior of Guyana. A group of the blue cheeked amazons were seen at Imbaimadai, a diamond mining centre in the interior of Guyana. During the day pairs or small flocks of these parrots are usually found feeding or resting among the topmost branches of tall forest trees. But at dusk they congregate in large flocks to go to roost. Populations are fragmented and under great pressure, partly because of the collection of young birds. Not yet established in aviculture. Very few collections are breeding regularly from pairs held in captivity. The few pairs that are breeding consistently are being encouraged to double clutch. This could in time benefit the wild population, but only if collecting nestlings for the pet trade is discontinued. Several hundreds are collected yearly in Espirito Santo and then sold in Rio and Sao Paulo where they are valued as talkers.Both the nominate race dufresniana and the subspecies rhodocorytha are heavily harvested as nestlings and offered for sale in the local market places in Brazil as cage pets.

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